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Wayne Larmon Forum Pro • Posts: 10,687
Re: Just curious...why would you

Richard Katris wrote:

want/need to do this? Space? file sizes? secrecy? testing?

Since exif data has a purpose in showing ownership and source info....why would you want it removed in bulk from images?

Particularly, note that with EXIFTool you can change or delete any fields you want. i.e., you can use EXIFTool to put data showing your ownership in multiple fields, just to make sure that nobody will overlook it unintentionally. (There are a bunch of different "comment" and "owner" fields.)

EXIFTool is also handy for dumping all the EXIF data, so that you can see exactly what is being stored. Look at the first few examples in this section of the EXIFTools docs:

I find that dumping meta data with EXifTool is a lot handier than jumping around CS5's multiple dialog boxes (I don't use Lightroom.)


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