Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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jazzroy1972 Regular Member • Posts: 172
Re: I still don t get it

But the filmic look is 24p (as you write in the title), so much more similar to 25 than 48.

Pros shoot movies at 24p (at least since now.. future will change probably!), using 50p, 60p or 120p for slow-mo fx.

Another benefit is that 25p gives more light with same ISO.

GAD807 wrote:

jazzroy1972 wrote:

I succeded doin' it.

Thanks, someone who understands my bad explanations.

Now I'm wondering what is better between 25 / 3db and 48 / 3db.

I would say 25, being the recording framerate.

Motion looks more natural with 1/48s. Only shoot at 1/25s in very low light situations or when you want more blur and dreamlike movies.

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