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Re: EXIFTool works on Macs and Windows

I agree a command line tool like exiftool or imagemagick would work the best.

create a folder with just the images you want to remove metadata from
in terminal cd to that folder
exiftool -all= -overwrite_original .

similarlly you can use ImageMagick's strip command
convert -strip .

These should kill everything: IPTC data like document title, creator, copyright info, etc and EXIF data like camera make/model, lens, ISO, aperture, etc.

If your images are not already in sRGB, I recommend converting them to sRGB prior to stripping metadata (as many programs will assume an image is in sRGB if no ICC profile is embedded)

Going back to the Photoshop method, DO NOT include the "Save" in the action itself (just have it close the image you copied from). When you choose "Batch" to run the file you can set your destination to be "Folder" (not "Save and Close") then you can adjust the File Naming options. So you could put the first field as "NoMeta-" then pull down the next field to "4 digit serial number" then pull down the third field to be "extension" then you'll end up with a bunch of files NoMeta-0001.jpg, NoMeta-0002.jpg, NoMeta-0003, etc...

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