Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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I still don t get it

Yes, there's one algorithm for photo and one for video. Now you can do a chart and see what video values every still shutter speed can have. It's pretty easy except for 1/30s where you can have 7-8 different values, but the most important one is the last value (1/48s ISO 200).

Now I don't have to rely on luck or fluke to know how to avoid too high ISO or too fast shutter or banding in some situations. Now I know that I can get max ISO at 1/25s (photo) and low ISO at 1/30s (photo).

The last sentence doesn t make sence to me, photo adjustments are not carried over to video, so they are irrelevant. Or you are implying and take it for granted that the exposure measurement in camera will choose the same values whether in photo or in video mode??
What makes you so sure about it?

Anyway, I could not reproduce what you suggest, or perhaps you are not explicit enough. Does the aperture value matter? No matter what exposure adjustment you have in still mode, once you switch to video, all parameters are measured anew - aside from aperture. = There is no way to control shutter in video - the system may as well chose high ISO + high shutter in low light; you did not reveal how you came to your findings, but my experience is that the camera behaves pretty much randomly in low light (sometimes high gain, sometimes lower gain in similar conditions).

I have no way to get the EXIF in video, I m on Mac, don t know any program, but from judging first videos the procedure doesn t make any difference....

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