D7000 Multiple exposure & BKT=HDR?

Started Apr 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: D7000 Multiple exposure & BKT=HDR?

Tanguero Chino wrote:

D7000 does have Active D-light, which is like a 1 picture HDR.

Erhm, almost.

You may find that your HDR software will accept only 1 picture as input. If so, you can just use the HDR adjustments in stead of adjusting the tone curve manually to recover details in blow-outs and shadows.

D7000 has impressive DR at base ISO, so pseudo-HDR from a single NEF is quite feasible (a bit more noise and less colours in the shadows than with multiple bracketed NEFs). The DxO OP raw converter is pretty efficient for this purpose already with a single conversion. Most others, including NX converters, are not; but one may produce multiple conversions to TIFF with different EC slider settings, then blend them with a HDR program. The built-in raw conversion of the HDR programs is mostly not as good, and tone-mapping from a single JPG even worse.

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