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Re: the chances are nil

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

If you do not understand the complexities of some aspects of photography I am sure B&H have a help desk for recent purchasers, or you can post an query on a forum before saying your good lenses are defective.

As an owner of the Nikon 60mm D, 60mm G, 105 macro and 200 macro I can confirm Nikon macro lenses work in a similar way.

Confirmed and agreed.

Nikon shows the "effective" aperture of any given macro lens no matter the manufacturer. If focused closer than infinity there is a high likelihood that your f2.8 lens will show f3.2 or even f5.6 as the maximum aperture. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the lens!

Furthermore you really should have understood the characteristics or at least researched the characteristics of "THE" lens - or - even "ALL" macro lenses before sending the lens back as defective.

You are not the first to question the changing aperture on Nikon bodies.

In response to the changing aperture perhaps you would be curious to know why exactly it is that the aperture changes.

It is really quite simple: As the lens focuses closer there is a reduction in the amount of light that is gathered by the lens. Essentially modern macro lenses act as if there is a teleconverter attached. The reason they behave this way is because they actually extend while focussing. In other words they achieve the effective magnification by extending the distance between the focal groups - it is essentially the same thing that happens when you use an extension tube or a tele-converter.

The closer the lens focuses the lower the amount of light there is that is reaching the sensor. While some brands choose to ignore the "true" aperture of macro lenses Nikon chooses to show this "effective" aperture on the camera.

There is nothing wrong with any of your macro lenses when this occurs. If anything you should thank Nikon for maintaining accuracy in the metering metrics of photography.

After all if you want to take the next step and calculate exposures with flash based on aperture for macro shooting you will get the correct exposures with Nikon.


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