Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

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Re: Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

Alupang wrote:

Yeah..I can safely say I would never notice that in any real life shot.

This was from a part of what you call a real life shot.

Was that wide open or stopped down?

Wide open.

Does it matter?

No and yes. No because it can be corrected. Yes because one should understand gear they use.

So the M9 has built in software to correct this huh? That's why the newer lenses are coded ...

Correct and correct.

I can always cornerfix too if I ever need to produce an award winning shot of a blank white wall.

There is a number of situations in which color shift will show up as obvious, not just on white background, and all of them are real world. Yeah, you can cornerfix it now that you have learnt something about your gear. You are welcome even though you are not very gracious about it, quite the opposite. Have a nice one.

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