Transferring D5100 files to computer question

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Re: Transferring D5100 files to computer question

Phillip S wrote:

With the Nikon D300, you can go to the tools/Wrench settings in the Menu
and then go to USB and then switch that to Mass Storage.

This allows me to download files to anyone's computer from the camera.

On the D5100, there is no USB setting in the Menu.

Can one transfer files from the D5100/camera itself to a (friend's) computer without Nikon Transfer software loaded onto the computer?

Yes, assuming that it's a Windows computer. It'll probably also work with a Mac and linux but I don't use those so I couldn't help you with them. I don't have a D5100 but this is how it works with the D300. With the USB set to Mass Storage the D300 can see everything on the memory card using any file browser you happen to have. It shows up as a drive with a letter, such as G:. Change the USB setting to MTP/PTP and now the file browser (most of them, anyway) can no longer see the memory card. Microsoft's Windows Explorer is a different kind of file browser. It can see the memory card just as photo apps such as Nikon Transfer (and most others) can. But it doesn't recognize the memory card as a disk drive represented by a letter (such as the G: above) with folders.

What it shows is that within My Computer is an icon of a camera, identified as "D300". I assume that when the D5100 is connected to the computer's USB port it would show up as "D5100". This will allow you to copy the image files contained within the D300 or D5100 object. What is this object? It's just the DCIM folder that's on the memory card, and that's all that Windows Explorer can access. It can't see any other folders on the card or any files in the card's root directory. You should be able to copy JPEGs and other image files from this camera object to any other hard drives on your computer, but you probably won't be able to copy anything from your computer back to the camera object. It appears that the MTP/PTP setting only allows transfers in one direction. There may be some apps. that can copy stuff back to the card or maybe this is a hardware limitation of the camera, but that's another thing that I'm not familiar with.

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