Need help from Network GURU

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Need help from Network GURU

Ok, here is the situation:
I have cable modem Ambit u10c018 and Netgear WNR3500 V1 router.

I also have 3 computers. 2 mostly new (sleep mode when not using) and one old that runs 24/7 because Magic Jack is connected to it and some other stuff.
I am running Remote desktop to all of them.
Here is a problem. I can't wake 2 of them from sleep mode remotely directly.

I know it is not a router so far because if I connect modem directly to any computer I can't wake it up. I called TWC to find out if modem is at fault and they swear modem is OK.

Now, I can wake up those 2 computers remotely on LAN through the router without any problem. That means I am bypassing the modem.
So modem is at fault or I simply don't know how to set it up to port forwarding.

The only solution I have found is to connect to always on computer with Remote Desktop and then run the WOL program from there to wake up all computers.
But if something happens to this computer I am screwed.

Thanks in advance.

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