Bride Unhappy with 'Proof Book'

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Re: maybe proof books are a bad strategy

for many....proofs may be all they really wanted anyway. In your case, the client realized:

1) there was a greater commitment to buy your album.
2) they had to at least pay your costs on the proofs.

Dealing with strangers....if you were to adopt this practice...many would walk with the "sample" proofs...make copies of them at WalMart..and never pay you a dime other than whatever you had collected at the shoot.

yes, i really only did it that way because it was my neighbour, and i knew ahead of time precisely what she wanted -- which definitely included a professional album and prints. i wouldn't do that with strangers, or as a business model. for a wedding i shot with a friend, we put a gallery on a website designed for selling pictures ("proof" labeled across the pics automatically) and let the family pick from there, no physical proofs at all, and insufficient resolution to do anything with, and downloading disabled for all the very skillful.

If your business practice is to charge a smaller fee at the shoot...and the remainder upon delivery of the "package" would likely end up doing lots of work for the small "down payment" made at the shoot and never get the bulk of your anticipated charges. This is reality today.

Some potential clients would even copy the images with PROOF printed across them...and be perfectly happy with that as long as they save a buck....

unfortunately, yes. which is why i think it's probably a bad idea in general.

In the case in appears they merely had the file numbers printed in a corner of the prints....not sure on this, but that was my impression from the OP.

that was my impression too.

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