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EXIFTool works on Macs and Windows

Julian500 wrote:

hello all, I have a need to strip the metadata from a very large batch of files. I've looked around and found a few programs that looked good but were unfortunately for windows, and a couple programs for mac that didn't do the trick quite right (little problems).

does anybody know of a good way to achieve this? just to simply wipe out all the camera metadata.

The only catch is it is a command line program. But I think that the options to do what you want are simple.

Download it from

(You want the 'Mac OS X Package' version, not the one listed at the top of the page.)

From the docs on

exiftool -all= dst.jpg
Delete all meta information from an image.

This deletes the EXIF meta data from a single image. I think that

exiftool -all= *.jpg

would delete the EXIF info from all the JPEG files in the directory you are running it in. (I haven't tried it.)

It is prudent to copy images to a separate directory when experimenting with EXIFTools, and work on the copies.

I'm not a Mac user, so I can't give you specific instructions on how to do this. You can do the file copying however you normally do that. Then open a terminal window and change to the directory where the images are (cd directory_name I think) If there are spaces in the directory name, you need to delimit the directory name with quote characters. I think either single or double quotes will work. (The preceding is based on my Linux experience. OS X is based on UNIX, so I think the command line works somewhat the same. Heck, MS-DOS was partially copied from UNIX, so it isn't that much different than UNIX.)

Maybe a Mac user can step in with better hints on how to run a simple command line program. It is really easy once you know the few things you need to know to open a terminal window and change to the correct directory.


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