ZR100 – Movie lag when played on computer (using Quicktime)

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Re: ZR100 – Movie lag when played on computer (using Quicktime)

My FH100 manual also says" move the movie data to the hard disk before trying to play it". Try that.

FH100 Manual also says:

1- Try STD movies
2 - Upgrade Windows Media Player to latest version
3 - Quit other applications that are running.

Also, a class 4 card sounds minimal in speed so I would get a faster card for taking the video's. A red light blinks on the FH100 camera's display if it is dropping frames on recording. For card speed search for recent SD card discussions, Casio & others. Minimum class 6 is my best guess for the FH100. If you are playing from the computer disc I guess the card does not make a difference. ?

The main thing is to find the computer system requirement spec and compare it to your computer's CPU speed. This is the computer playback problem that I have and it is probably the same as your problem. Is your CPU 3.2 Ghz or faster?

Chas Tennis

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