Flash bracket suggestion for 500 VR with RRS foot?

Started Apr 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP colinchisholm Forum Member • Posts: 70
Re: Flash bracket suggestion for 500 VR with RRS foot?


Just an FYI that the RRS is nice looking and tilts (a bonus), but is quite expensive.

I would opt for the Wimberly flash bracket as a 2nd choice as it also tilts and is cheaper than the RRS bracket.

But for the first choice I went with the simple Jobu flash bracket:
Although it doesn't tilt, it is a bargain compared to the other two.
I ordered from BH Photo Sunday and received it yesterday, and works perfectly.

And I tried it with a better beamer on my flash and it was aligned perfectly, so the lack of a tilt adjustment was not an issue! Woohoo!!


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