Strange garbage in property info.

Started Apr 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
Vipre77 Regular Member • Posts: 254
Re: Strange garbage in property info.

Sounds like the files were corrupted in some way. Could be a memory rd with some ad sectors. If subsequent writes go to the card, they may not necessarily go to the same bad sectors, making it hard to repeat it. Could be a hard drive in your computer on it's way out too. Or it could simply be something wonky with your k-lite codec pack install. I had it go goofy on my system recently. Uninstalling it and reinstalling the latest version fixed me up. I'd try that first.

These aren't the only possibilities, so don't think it has to be any of these. I mean, there's even an outside chance that there's a problem with the firmware in the camera, too. Lots of possibilities here....

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