Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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Re: I don t get it

zoranT wrote:

Great posting, but: I thought only aperture is kept video mode, anything else is dependent on auto algorithms in video. My experience with the NEX shows that the camera behaves differently even in similar low light situations: particularly ISO gain.

I will try what you suggest, but I don t understand how or why it should work, even if I can reproduce it. What do you know about the algorithms that others don t know?

Yes, there's one algorithm for photo and one for video. Now you can do a chart and see what video values every still shutter speed can have. It's pretty easy except for 1/30s where you can have 7-8 different values, but the most important one is the last value (1/48s ISO 200).

Now I don't have to rely on luck or fluke to know how to avoid too high ISO or too fast shutter or banding in some situations. Now I know that I can get max ISO at 1/25s (photo) and low ISO at 1/30s (photo).

First I found it strange that I got banding when I shot at 1/100s, but then I did some tests that showed that 1/100s still = 1/150s video. The only setting that is the same in photo/video mode is at 1/4000s.

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