Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

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Re: Your distance scale it actually acurate at 25mm ??

millsart wrote:

One thing I found though was that regardless of the adapter used, the distance scale was always way off, and as a whole, the wider the lens, the more the distance scales are off.

You can shim your adapter or just do what I do. I spent about 10mins doing 2 tests and noting exactly where 3ft and infinity really are on the lens' scale. Now that I know the overall behavior of my lens+adapter, I can easily determine any distance. For example, a hair to the left of the infinity symbol is exactly infinity on both lenses I own. I need to know in feet where the lens is set. I also require having a distance scale + DOF markings for landscapes.

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