Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

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Your distance scale it actually acurate at 25mm ??

I had the ZM25mm as well (though bought mine when I had a M9, where its an awesome lens) though I do think it works pretty well on the NEX, by far the best in its range and way better than the Voightlander 25mm etc

One thing I found though was that regardless of the adapter used, the distance scale was always way off, and as a whole, the wider the lens, the more the distance scales are off.

As such, I found it pretty impossible to focus accurately using the distance scale and always had to confirm the focus using the LCD zoomed in.

Actually I always use the LCD with every focal length as even infinity isn't infinity with most glass/adapters. Sometimes DOF covers it, but I don't want to shoot hyperfocally, as its not exacting enough for larger prints, I want to see right where the point of focus falls and the LCD is great for that.

Alupang wrote:

I want to add that the 16mm lacking a distance scale is one of the reasons I've been out of photography for over a decade. Cheap autofocusing lenses with crude sloppy plastic focusing rings feels like I'm screwing on a cap on a peanutbutter jar...even with a Canon L.

The Zeiss ZM feels like I'm dialing in a precise metal microscope. I like that.

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