NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Totally depends on what one likes to shoot I think

The CZ will give a 35mm FOV which for many, is about ideal. When I had my Leica M9 I found that 35mm was plenty wide for me. I bought a 24mm for it as well but honestly didn't use it much (in part because it required an external finder)

The Sony 16mm isn't that bad of lens really. I'm pretty happy with mine optically but just don't use it that much because its so wide.

I think covering popular focal lengths that aren't covered by an existing E mount makes way more sense to start off with and 35mm is considered a lot of peoples ideal all around focal length.

I know its many rangefinder shooters ideal length, and the Fuji x100, which is also35mm equiv, seems to be really popular as well.

I'm sure I'd no doubt also buy a wider CZ offering as well, in addition to a longer one, but I think the 24mm, which is 35mm equiv is the smart move in appealing to a wide range of users.

I'd follow it up with a short tele option, something like a 55mm f1.4 to give that 85mm equiv and then when those bases are covered, perhaps a wide replacment for the 16mm sony lens, or ideally a 21mm equiv

I had the Zeiss 21mm for my 5D and really loved it (though didn't use it that often)

For me that would be the perfect high quality 3 lens kit, 21mm, 35mm and 85mm

uhligfd wrote:

What we really need for the NEX line are two or three excellent 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16 mm range prime lenses (or a super wide excellent f/4 zoom, if that can be built ...).

The CZ24mm will be ok at medium wide, but too long for many serious applications on that 1.5 times cropped sensor.

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