NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: NEX-7 for $1,300?

If it's not too much bigger than the NEX-5 I will buy it, assuming the sensor is as much of an advance over NEX-5 as I suspect.

Basically I think Sony is making pretty rapid progress with sensors right now. I've been using both the NEX-5 and K-5 for months and the Sony sensor in the K-5 is a rather big step up from the NEX-5 sensor. The NEX-7 sensor is rumored to be the one slotted for the A77 (i.e., even more advanced than the K-5 sensor, which is currently in the A580 and apparently D7000). People worry about 24 mp being too much, and of course we'll have to see before buying, but I suspect they will get this right as they are on a roll with sensors.

The prospect of an NEX-sized camera with a better sensor than K-5 and a native Zeiss 35 equiv FL lens--starting to see the possibility of realizing the potential we saw when NEX was first rumored.

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