NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Comparing to a DSLR is apples to oranges though

D5100 may be cheaper but its also much larger. Can't put the 16mm on the DSLR and slip it into your jacket pocket.

the NEX of any version isn't supposed to be a DSLR, its a totally different and unique camera that just so happens to be able to take DSLR quality photos

I've got plenty of DSLR's and they are great for when I want a DSLR, but I purposely bought a NEX as an alternative, for when I want to travel light and have a very compact camera but without giving up image quality.

I'm happy to pay a premium price for that size savings.

mswlogo wrote:

ianimal wrote:

I don't feel sure about anything yet. Just a rumor so...
I would guess a price for a NEX7 around $1000+-
So maybe 999, 1099, 1199 or even 1299 but just some wild guessing.

A semi-pro DSLR is around 1300-1700$ so a bit cheaper I would guess
the NEX7 could be. Time will tell.

But a bit strange the price already now is rated SR5. I believe the price
could change and would not already now be known.

Nikon D5100 (same sensor as D7000) and considered one of the best high ISO APS-C sensors is $899.00 with 18-55VR lens.

They need to keep it under a $1000.00

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