NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: Depends...

Dennis wrote:

... Sure, plenty of people use NEX w/legacy lenses, but I don't think you're looking at the kind of volumes Sony sees w/consumer sales of the 3 & 5...

I would have definitely agreed with this last summer, but now I'm not so sure. Sony really seems to be embracing the alternative lens users with this system...although you're still probably correct that it accounts for a small portion of sales. Either way, I can't imagine that Sony would launch this supposed NEX-7 without also releasing the 24, 30 macro, 50 and 55-200 that they're expected to launch this year, and that's an acceptable lineup for many.

For me, either the IQ of the NEX-7 will have to be dramatically better, or the EVF tech will have to outrageously good for me to jump from the NEX-5. I really don't want a bigger camera, because that's why I switched from my A900 in the first place, and my nexviewer contraption has erased my interest in bulky EVFs using the current EVF tech that we've seen.

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