NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: M8 is a crop sensor though

My limit is under $1000.00 for camera like this. It starts to compete too much with DSLR's.

A better screw-on View Finder would be cool. with perhaps a small screen (EVF) inside. Or an optical one that zooms.

I tend not to like EVF because they can't jam in enough pixels to be really useful. But they are handy in bright sun.

I'd rather not see it got to 24mega pixel.

I want even BETTER ISO and it's the reason I picked this camera over other mirrorless ones. Keep it under 16MB.

Increase dynamic range and ISO.

Some better options for flash would be nice. I want to be able to put a tiny diffuser and/or bounce the flash. Just to add 1 or 2 stops of even light.

I kind of like not having all the knobs on it. I was looking at friends G12, it looks like such a geek camera. I know their handy but I love the clean no intimidating look yet it's very powerful. Kind of like a "Sleeper". People won't expect amazing shots because it looks like a dumb P&S.

An automatic lens cap or at least a tether would be nice.

A sliding hood would be cool (like the old Canon 200mm prime).

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