Strange garbage in property info.

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Re: Strange garbage in property info.

lacix wrote:

550D movie PAL25/NTSC30

After investigations of cracking sound problem, I have found this, at 30 fps movie setting

Compare it with the 25 fps info.! (On the left) No garbage, or sound problems.

Thanks for your help!

I assume the 25fps is playing smoothly and 30fps is playing with sound cracks and artifacts (you only have audio issues? or also image?)

The 25fps recording is using 43.8 mbps bitrate (or bandwidth if you like) vs 45.3 mbps on the 30fps recording... that could make the difference, maybe the SD card you use is not fast enough to keep up with a constant 45.3 mbps recording. Are you using SD or SDHC?

I wild guess tells me you are using SDHC class 4 (that's got a minimum sustained writting speed of 32mbps, you should definitely use SDHC Class 6, which gives you 48mbps instead)

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