Canon ST-E2 issue?

Started Apr 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
shutterbug nut
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Re: Canon ST-E2 issue?

I use one with two 580's stuffed inside of softboxes, behind umbrellas etc. Inside it never seems to be an issue. If you look at the 580 on the right in the below picture you'll notice that the sensor portion of the flash is actually pointed away from the the ST-E2.



GDEllis wrote:


If the ST-E2 controller is on the camera and a flash unit is behind an umbrella, will the two "see" each other, or will the famous line of sight issue rear its ugly head, preventing the triggering of the flash?

If I use a master flash on-camera (no ST-E2) and an off-camera slave, will the two "see" each other?

Thanks very much.


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