Flash Voltage on GF1

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Re: Flash Voltage on GF1

fastcorner wrote:

Does anyone know the "safe" voltage range for an external flash on the GF1? I just bought an old Olympus T32 flash (to be used in manual mode). The terminal measures about 11.5V, which is higher than the 6V limit I've seen quoted for various digital cameras, but much less than the 50V-100V various web sites/pages warn about. The GF1 manual only makes a vague mention of "high voltage" flashes. I took a couple shots without incident, but it'd be nice to confirm that I'm not burning out the electronics. Thanks!

Except that the static terminal voltage, I believe, is not the real issue.

In operation, for a brief period, some flashes output a much higher peak voltage which will damage your flash sync terminal - well, its electronics, anyway. The only way to know is to use a digital multimeter with a peak hold function, then operate the flash.

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