Which Strap for D700 & 70-200 VRII Combo ?

Started Apr 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
RobG67 Contributing Member • Posts: 818
Depends a lot on where I am,

or what I'm doing. When I'm doing social or low stress work a strap from Up-Strap or OpTech works for me, over the left shoulder. I put it on the camera reversed to the way it would be used for neck carry, and that allows the lens to fall naturally behind my back, protecting it, me and the people around. The 70-200 VR I is my default lens, so I've got used to it over the last few years, and hate being without it. I also have a neoprene LowePro strap that I find too bouncy to carry - it now lives on my D200 / 17-55 DX combo, and seems to be OK.

If it's a bit more serious, say a lot of changing location or carrying 2 rigs, I use the CottonCarrier vest - it makes me look like a copper in riot gear, but it is the most comfortable thing I have ever used for carrying heavy gear, and it gives 2 hands free with the camera quickly available, but not easily removed by the light fingered. And it gives you a certain cachet in the eye of the great unwashed.

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