Samsung, give us Framing Mode for NX10, please!

Started Apr 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
Coldamus Senior Member • Posts: 2,281
Another vote for Framing Mode plus a suggestion for MF assist.

I agree re the "Framing Mode" and would like to make a request and suggestion for enhancement of manual focus assist.

I don't know whether this is too difficult or whether it is even possible.

First a short explanation: It is my understanding that the screen resolution in shooting mode is less than the full resolution the display is capable of as used in reviewing mode. At least part of the reason for the reduced resolution is to allow faster screen updates and thus reduce display lag when following moving subjects. I don't know whether this reduced resolution applies to both the EVF and rear screen.

My suggestion is this. If the camera operator is using manual focus and particularly if using magnified view to assist in manual focusing than it is highly unlikely he or she is trying to focus on a moving subject. So, when using magnified view in MF assist, why not switch the display to full resolution and increase the magnification. This would allow magnification of, say, 4 x or more without excessive pixelation.

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