SLR -> SLE that dificult?

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Ravitej Khalsa
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Single-Lens Digital

Personally I think SLD works as Single-Lens Digital. Single-Lens was originated from using a single lens instead of a twin-lens. Both having to do with cameras that had interchangeable lenses. SLR is Single-Lens Reflex, but is commonly known to mean Single 'Interchangeable' Lens Reflex. The reflex is the path to the eye. Direct could mean digital or mechanical. Digital means it has a digital way of seeing the image instead of reflex through a prism (mechanical) So using digital instead of direct implies electronic (viewfinder).

Since Single-Lens has come to mean a single interchangeable lens. And digital is electronic. So in my view the closet thing to the time honored moniker Single-Lens Reflex is Single-Lens Digital. And it rolls off the tongue as easy as SLR. When saying SLD, the "D" naturally has the emphasis just like the R did. In fact the D has slightly more. The "D" applied to almost anything camera has come to mean digital. D3, ID, D60, 5D and etc. "D" means digital. And digital reflex cameras have come to be known as DSLR, a slight tongue twister. By removing the R of reflex and moving the time-honored D of digital to takes it's place one is told that something has changed in the formula, but it still means single lens and digital.

Personally I am convinced this would be the easiest for the consumer to understand with minimal education. And not to be confused with the newer yet fast time honor Point and Shoot. PS. This is not PS, but SLD. With the digital (electronic) viewfinder instead of the reflex (mechanical) viewfinder.

Just my personal interpretation.


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