How to check actuations on GH1 ?

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Re: Displaying the ctuations on G1, GH1, and GF1

Karsten Meyer wrote:

I try to translate what I found in a german forum. I cannot verify it because I have a E-P1...

1. Switch off camera
2. Switch to Single Shot Mode
3. Press "Film Mode" and "Display" together, hold these
4. Switch on camera, release the buttons after a short while.
5. Press "Menu/Set" and "left arrow" together, hold them, ignore the display
6. In addition(!) press 2 times "Film Mode"

Now you should see the history of problems with date and a code, up to 16 items.

7. Press "Menu/Set" and "left arrow" togeter once again and hold them
8. another additional press on "Film Mode" and you see a screen with 3 counters:
PWRCNT: counts the "switch on's"
SHTCNT: counts use of the shutter
STBCNT: maybe a counter for the standby?

Once again No. 7 and 8 will bring you back to normal operation.

I hope I found the right words for keys that I don't know. People tell that it works also for the G1 and the GF1.

Seems like you need 3 Hands!

Hi. I just bought a new GH1 but it shows a shutter count of 30. Is it normal?

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