Fuji F550 is NOT 1080p, its 1080i !!!!!

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Re: Fuji F550 is NOT 1080p, its 1080i !!!!!

The video data may be encoded in a interlaced manner. Encoding non-interlaced video as interlaced does not hurt much (while the converse is disastrous).

I agree with you that F550 is not real 1080i (1080i60) which should have a temporal resolution of 1/60s producing smoother motion.

But 1080p (1080p30) sounds also like a marketing gimmick to me. The video frame is 1920x1080 in size. Unfortunately, it looks like a 1920x540 image with every line duplicated vertically.

It is fair though. Eventually F550 is just a small compact DC and most other compact DCs are producing 1080 video in a similar manner.

Pete Griffin wrote:

No one is being misled. Seriously this F550 hating is getting ridiculous. Recording with a resolution of 1920x1080 is Full HD 1080p. Checked the video resolution of videos taken with the F550 and they are absolutely 1080p.

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