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Stephen McDonald
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Best Buy Warranties

Bill Borne wrote:

Dose not list it in supplied parts. Has been questiond but no answer. Anybody have experience with best buy extended warranty?

Best Buy's in-house extended warranty is expensive and you have no choice of repair shops-----they send it to their own facility or one contracted by them. I doubt they would be very quick about returning it. I bought one four years ago, but haven't had need to use it. It expires in two months. I like to be able to take a unit to a local shop if possible. Then I can ride herd on them if they aren't prompt or don't do the job right. I also like five-year warranties and they currently offer only three years.

Despite being the type of giant chain-store company I generally don't like, they've never given me any grief. They took back three faulty H5 cameras I had, without dispute and gave me a full refund after the last one failed. I also took back an H9, just on the complaint I had of it suffering from too much compression and high noise-reduction and gave me a full refund. You might say this company gives you the advantage of shopping locally, but with the pricing and selection usually offered only by online dealers.

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