Creating Photo Slideshows (.wmv) with Windows Live Movie Maker

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Creating Photo Slideshows (.wmv) with Windows Live Movie Maker

Hi everyone!

I've got to create a slideshow here with about 500+ photos I've got, and I wanted to share my solution to get the job done.

The biggest hurdle I ran into was with Windows Live Movie Maker not offering a way to randomize the photo order. With over 500 photos, I didn't want to spend all day creating a random order, so instead I went out and found a freebie file rename utility that did all of that for me. Once that was done, importing the randomized file names was a piece of cake.

Some basic criteria I had for my project:

1) I needed the slideshow to be portable enough to play on another PC of unknown software status, and fit on a DVD.
2) I needed a random file / picture order.
3) I want to do all of this for free.


1) Go get Windows Live Movie Maker (for Windows 7), free from Microsoft's site.

2) Go get "antrenamer" for free at this URL -
3) Make a backup copy of all the images I wish to appear in the slideshow.
4) Use antrenamer to randomly rename all of the files I want in the slideshow.
5) Import all of the randomized file names into Movie Maker.
6) Edit the titles, transitions, animations, etc to my liking.
7) Publish to .wmv format.
8) Test.
9) Done!!

I hope someone else benefits from my workaround I found in randomizing the file / photo order. Happy photographing, everyone!


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