Thoughts on a Nikon "LIVE" camera (Lens: Interchangeable; View: Electronic)

Started Apr 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
Luke Kaven Veteran Member • Posts: 5,705
Re: Thoughts on a Nikon "LIVE" camera (Lens: Interchangeable; View: Electro

Two considerations:

1) It depends upon how they implement the viewfinder. Would it be a major advance over the X100? I'm interested in a hybrid VF with minimal invasiveness.

2) I'd buy if it were an FX sensor.

Fotogeneticist wrote:

If Nikon were to create a LIVE camera (Lens: Interchangeable; View: Electronic), or a compact camera with a DX sized sensor with interchangeable lenses and no mirror box, kind of like a Nikon S2 but without a viewfinder, how many of you would be interested in it?

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