My First Impressions of the New Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS>>>>>>>>>

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Re: My First Impressions of the New Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS>>>>>&g

Thanks for the info - I'll check out that 70-300mm DO.

Peter Rowe wrote:

Good information, I have the 70-300mm DO myself. I really like the size although it definitely is not as sharp as say my 100-400mm L. It needs delicate post-processing and then it can be very good. I had the 70-300mm non-L and I sold that. It's a good lens but when I went from my 20D to my 5D II it really suffered - soft at the long end and soft corners - the DO is much better in both respects. I should bring the 100-400mm L with me but I mostly bring the DO for size and weight reasons. The DO is expensive but you can buy a used like-new copy for half the price on fredmiranda if your patient so I think that might be something to look into. Collapsed down it's the size of an 85mm so fits real nicely (and upright!) in your bag - I bring it with the 17-40mm and 24-105mm for a real nice kit as my tele-requirements are just about like yours - not that often but nice to have. I keep the 24-105mm on the camera and then I have just the two other lenses of about similar size. I have a LowePro backpack that will fit even more but I usually use my Domke shoulder bag - I have one of those rustic canvas ones that looks weathered and that works real well.

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