G12 walks around Harbor Place (pics and user report)

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Re: G12 walks around Harbor Place (pics and user report)

Vipre77 wrote:

Actually, there is a pair of LED's next to the viewfinder that should be visible in your peripheral vision. One of those is an autofocus lock indicator. This doesn't tell you what it focused on, obviously, but it does let you know if AF lock was obtained or not, so it can still be somewhat useful if you're only using center focusing.

Unfortunately, due to the crazy parallax error caused by the off-center viewfinder, it's hard to know where the actual center of your frame is when using the OVF. For subjects that are 10 ft or more away, it's pretty close to the center of the OVF. The closer you get to the subject, though, the center point moves down and to the left and you're left guessing even with center point AF selected. I'm guessing this is a big reason why Canon decided not to include any indicators within the OVF frame. It'd be very difficult to compensate the indicator lights in the frame for the parallax error. If it was an electronic or a hybrid viewfinder, it would have been much simpler to do that, but we've got an optical only system here. Pretty bare bones as far as viewfinders go.

Thanks for the tip about the AF confirmation led. If I lock my af window into a fixed position that could actually be of use to me.

PDine wrote:

ii) It doesnt show you any kind of focus confimation. Ive no idea what the camera has focussed on, or whether it actually acquired focus in the first place.

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