Smallest, lightest, yet HQ travel lenses?

Started Apr 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Smallest, lightest, yet HQ travel lenses?

Hi Folks,

Anyone got any recommendations on what they consider to be the best lenses in terms of giving a fairly decent size/weight v performance ratio? And I'm talking small travel kit here where one would want to trim as much off your baggage as possible, but without compromising tooooo much on quality. (how long is a piece of string question, I know ... but hey ...)

I already have a bunch of 4/3 and M4/3 stuff, and some lens/body combinations here offer a fairly decent compromise at times. But the reality is that the sensor performance is obviously better than a good point and shoot, but its also just as far off what an FX sensor can offer (and its still noticeably behind the more modern DX stuff as well).

As an example, I have already tried a prime kit for my D700 FX travel system. I have a 17mm tokina, and the 58/1.4 and 90mm apo lanthar voigtlanders. I can get some stunning quality results from this setup, and all fit into a fairly small bag. However I dislike being limited by primes, I could also do with a longer lens, and also, all of the three above are bloody metal bodies. Normally I'd love this as the build quality on all is fantastic ... but in all honesty, for the travelling, I'd rather they were made of lightweight plastic!

Similarly, in DX, I have the stellar 11-16 tokina. But its a hefty lump of a lens. Is there anything plastic that gets close to the ultimate sharpness? (I could live with having to stop down if its for a travel kit)..... get the idea?

I'm contemplating picking up the D5100 as the base body for a DX based light system, but the reality is that its the lenses that mostly contribute the size and weight.

So ... any suggestions as to your fave small, light lenses. Both DX and FX suggestions would be good.


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