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Flat view
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From time to time, I love taking images of just folks I see on the street.

Here is one taken last week. It was rather humid out, and I saw this fellow approx 3 blocks from the studio. He had stopped in the previous day looking to make some money.

I introduced myself to him while I was sitting in the car. I told him I would pay him for a few head shots if he would continue to walk on down to my studio. He said sure, and I proceeded to drive back. I didn't offer him a ride, because I wanted that look that I saw on the street. Tired, worn, sweaty, etc...

I rushed into the studio and setup 3 lights along with a posing table. Main light was an AB 800 w/sb for main camera left. The other an AB400 with a grid camera right. The other was an AB 400 with a grid for the b/g. I metered the lighting, and stood there as he was walking in. After he caught his breathe from the walk, I took 6 images. Paid him, and he was on his way.

I was going for a b/w image, but a retoucher in Brazil edited. This is his version of my image.

Oh, the thread name? It's just the image number...

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Flat view
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