Photoshop to the rescue (pics)

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Re: Photoshop to the rescue (pics)

Frank R. wrote:

Kerry B Erington wrote:

Your picture of the kids shows the same thing I see in my CP995
pictures. The skin tones have too much magenta. Try converting to
CMYK and, using curves, lower magenta until it is less than the
yellow. See what you think.

I'm using PS Elements, Kerry, so the best I can do is fiddle with
the magenta saturation and brightness in the hue/sat utility. I
just tried it, but wasn't very happy with the results - it makes
the kids' skin seem washed out.

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Best regards,
Frank R. (CP995 - discontinued but not obsolete)

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With PSElements you can fix the magenta skin using levels. I just ruf selected the boys face and in levels try moving the right slider for red to 240, green 237, and the left slider for blue to 57. It is always hard to get just the Right skin color but I'm sure if you fool around with the ind. colors in levels you will come up with something you like.

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