Canon EOS Rebel T3 image quality issue

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Re: Canon EOS Rebel T3 image quality issue

maxnimo wrote:

Okay, I'm at the jpeg comparison test chart for the fourth time and I'm looking at the Rebel T3 and Nikin D3S side by side, both set at iso 3200. Both samples look excellent, with the Rebel T3 having just a bit more noise, one f stop at the most.

The D3s looks better at 6400 than the T3 does at 3200, so the difference is in excess of 1 f/stop. Full frame inherently has 1 1/3 f/stop advantage. Since those samples are JPG, a different source should be used.

Looking at, the D3s has a 2 f/stop advantage in terms of RAW noise (it should only be 1 1/3 f/stops better, meaning the D3s has a sensor that does better than the full frame advantage, meaning the T3 has a so-so sensor). ISO 3200 on the T3 looks fairly similar to ISO 12800 on the D3s. This is a pre-production T3, but my experience has shown that it wont change much in that time (pre-production or not it will more than likely have the same sensor, processing of images might change though).

The question is, how good do you need the camera to perform? The T3 should still perform fine. The score on puts it in the lower end of where APS-C sensor perform. Top APS-C camera is the Pentax K-5 and the bottom the D2h. Having owned both cameras at some point in time I agree with their assessment

Bottom line is comparing the T3 to the D3s is a silly thing to do in the first place.

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