I don't see a need to upgrade from A700...yet

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Re: I don't see a need to upgrade from A700...yet

Walt, you say:

Sony is not in the DSLR business anymore anyway. So there won't be any replacement from them. Just consumer oriented cameras.

But that is not totaly true. Sony still sells the A900 camera (not a real consumer camera when you find the A700 above consumer camera)

Then there will come the A7x camera. Yes it is a SLT and not a DSLR but when it is capable of taking great pictures, like the other Axx cameras, then it will be above consumer level too, just as the A700 was and the A900 still is!

Now you don't like the SLT idea, that is fine with me and we all know that now. I think the great pictures people are taking with their Axx cameras shows that you are wrong on the IQ part. So it all comes down to the EVF, you like the OVF over a Electronic one. You did not see what is in the A7x camera (as none of us did) and you are allready complaining, a bit childish I think. Wait and look what they bring us and start complaining then.

BTW Canon did some translusent cameras in the past, nobody then said that it where just consumer cameras then, so why should they become consumer cameras only now Sony comes with them?

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