To Leica or Not to Leica.... That is the Question...

Started Apr 15, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: That is very close to my combo of choice

it's easy to answer...if you have just your FF and that 70-200 lens. the leica will not help you at all. as the longest fl people use is 90 (or 135mm but it's harder to focus)..

with a DSLR you can do almost what u want...with an M you're limited No tele
or macro (there is a macro lens , but better off with a dslr) ...

Several qyestion to answer and I can give you better answer

  • have you ever used an M or a RF or an SLR with split screen MF ?

  • what do you shoot ?

  • do you have other lenses camera ?

  • do you mind Manual Focus all the time ?


jing7600 wrote:

Wow, I am exactly in this position now! I just bought my first full frame Nikon 2 months ago, with a 70-200 2.8 lens and realized I wouldnt be able to keep up with the weight during travelling, and especially with a toddler! Now I am thinking if I should really give up all my Nikon stuff worth $5T and sell everything for a loss and just switch to Leica. It is a painful decision and I also dont know what to do.

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