Think Tank Airport Acceleration V2.0 --> how does it wear?

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Re: Think Tank Airport Acceleration V2.0 --> how does it wear?


I have this bag and I must say I have a mixed feeling about it... First, the answer to your question: it is VERY well made and super-comfortable. If you want a 100% photography backpack, it is the one to get. Mind that if you want to transport a lot of gear, if WILL be heavy and uncomfortable. The backpack does everything it can to ease the pain but Earth gravity enforces its limitations :).

There is one big problem with Airport Acceleration 2.0. It has one of the WORST laptop compartments you can think of. It is very easy (too easy, NO LOCK!!!) to open and way too small to hold all the cables along with the laptop. The laptop insert is well made but it can only accomodate a laptop - NOTHING MORE. You can forget about carrying a laptop power supply cable or a mouse. If by some streak of good luck you manage to squeeze it in, the bulge will be very noticable and surely dangerous to your laptop's screen.

In short - if you want something good for both photo and computer - I think look elsewhere. If you need it strictly for photography, this one is a sure winner! The laptop compartment can be used as a quick-access holder. The build quality and attention to details are top-notch. I do not think you can get any more comfortable backpack too :).

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