I don't see a need to upgrade from A700...yet

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Re: Still have A700, but poor QC and faults mean I don't use it much

Henry Richardson wrote:

I still have my A700, but don't use it much anymore. If it wasn't for the poor QC and faults though I would be happy to still be using it even though tech has moved on since it came out in 2007.

Last fall I bought a Canon 60D and I can tell you that I can't think of a single thing I like about the A700 better than the 60D because the 60D is so good. Well, I do like IBIS in the A700, but these days there are a lot more lenses with ILIS than there were a few years ago so IBIS isn't as much of a strong selling point as it was in 2007.

This post and thread I started might be interesting to you. It is my experience going from the A700 to the Canon 60D:



Do you think the satisfaction you've encountered by switching to a 60D from the A700 was a byproduct of a perception induced from a "not as good as I thought it was Sony SLR", or more the reality that the A700 has been passed by due to the acceleration in the current technology of the newer DSLRs?

In other words, is the 60D that spectacular, or just an example of the overall advancement in photographic equipment? This isn't meant to be rhetorical or critical, I'm genuinely curious about your opinion based on the fact that you've used both of these cameras? It would truly be shame if Sony decides to move towards the SLT exclusively and not give the photographers currently invested in Sony the opportunity to stay with an updated SLR.

That being said, I absolutely LOVE my A55! I eagerly anticapate the progression of the A77. I do however, feel bad for the people (significantly more qualified and experienced in photography than myself) that have years and thousands of dollars invested in Sony bodies and glass, not to have the option to continue with a progression to the advancing technology found in the current SLRs.


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