A33/A55 books - Friedman vs Busch?

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Friedman. No contest.

Shortly after purchasing an a850 I purchased Busch's book. Several chapters in I was no more informed or skilled than I was when I started. I had NOT purchased Friedman's book because I don't like ebooks as much as I do like (and use, via marginalia and color-coded flags) books on paper. Big mistake. Friedman's book is exemplary: clearly structured, clearly written, well edited, and concise. It's a book written with the needs of the student foremost in mind, never losing sight of the goal of teaching a skill and communicating the understanding that makes remembering and using that skill easier.

As noted by another respondent, the chapter on Sony flashes alone is worth more than the cost of the book. And that's just one chapter. I return to my copy of Friedman's book all the time (and have marked it up with e-marginalia).

After purchasing Friedman's book I had no reason to go back to Busch's book. At one point, though, I didn't have access to my computer and so picked it up to confirm something. My short jaunt back through it confirmed my judgement.

YMMV. I strongly recommend the Friedman (I have no reason to suspect the a55 book is less well-done than the a850/a900 book). I recommend against purchasing the Busch book.

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