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Robert Schroeder
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Re: Excellent, BUT...

princewolf wrote:

Being Human, I didn't have any problems with EVIL, which we should have a lot more problems about.

Why should we? It's a generic term that can mean anything from nothing to whatever you choose it to mean, and there's nothing in it that would be unfit for a little joke.

It was my way of poking at how the acronym game has gotten out of hand. Please loosen up and calm down.

No need to, I'm perfectly calm. And calm as I am I tell you that there's not much fun in the acronym SIEGHEIL.

There are guys around with signatures accusing me of being a genocider

What does that have to do with this?

but do I complain? No. If you still feel hurt I will gladly remove it.

I didn't feel hurt and I don't. I just pointed out that there are some things which do not constitute the best choice for joking.

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