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Re: I just had the cleanest ISO 3200 picture yet...

Let me just say that when you are shooting sports under lousy lighting conditions, there is no substitute for better high ISO performance. I have shot football with a 300/2.8 (you can't get a faster lens) and a boxing event with a 50/1.4 (nothing faster for Sony Alpha), using ISO 4000 on an A900. The football shots were better than I expected as I had enough shutter speed. For the boxing photos I did not have enough shutter speed to get shutter speeds fast enough to stop most action (1/250). I was not willing to risk the even higher noise I would have obtained shooting at ISO 6400, though perhaps I should have. However, if I had a Nikon D3S, D3 or D700 I would have had no problem going to ISO 12,800 (maybe even a little higher) and would have obtained better results.

That is just a fact of life - the difference between a 12 MP FF sensor and 24 MP. Larger pixels means more light gathering, means less noise.

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