bought an Epson 3800 for $75 and it has a problem ...

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Re: Saturated pads

Could the good deal be because the previous owner was having these problems? As others have suggested, you may have an issue with ink buildup in the capping statiion. I do not have a 3800, but do have Epson R2400, 4800, and 7800 printers that I have used the following method to clean.

I use a 1:4 dilution of Simple Green and water. I move the print head away from the capping and cleaning station and then place a folded piece of paper towel that has been moistened with the Simple Green solution over the station. I leave it sit until it becomes saturated with excess ink. You can replace the towel and repeat until no more ink is soaked up. Be careful to not get too much liquid on the towel.

Since I am not familiar with the 3800, I don't know what method it uses to clean the head. The 4800 and 7800 use a wiper that cleans off the head after the ink spraying portion of the cleaning process. I needed to use a Q-tip with the Simple Green solution to clean crusted ink off the wiper for the 7800 when I bought it.

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