New EX1 user :) ..and how I ended up buying one over other options

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Re: Interesting... a couple of questions on using the OVF

I purchased the OVF primarily as; in really bright light I have trouble making out the screen.

I wanted a better P&S for our cruise. I got the camera in February so I could try and figure it out prior to the trip. Nova Scotia's weather in February is just plain miserable. Normally its snowy and cold! The daylight is bright. With the bright light, I had trouble making out the screen.

When we are on the cruise under the bright tropical sky I didn't want to have the same issue. So I purchased a OVF.

Really the EX1 with a OVF handles very much like a compact 35 of old. The finder is quite bright and contrasty.

When I started to use the finder I would reverse the screen. The screen shuts off when you do this. So I thought, great I'll save battery power. I haven't noticed any gain there. Now that its not so new, I really don't think to flip the screen. Also for the most part I don't use the screen either ..... unless I am trying to have the EX1 focus on something in particular. I just set to Smart Auto and away I go. You are right about the parallax as well.

Most of my images are at max wide angle. So the OLF representing 24mm coverage is fine with me. The bright lines for the most part are visible with glasses (though not the corners). However, you can see whats outside of the lines ... so you have a warning of anything about to come into the frame. In reality it works out quite well. In a way the EX1 + OVF reminds me of the Rollei 35 of old .... a really well made compact camera, with a great lens, and a bright viewfinder that gets you in the right general area. If my composition is off a bit, I'll be using software anyway to crop.

BTW; I should mention that the bright lines in the finder are set for 4:3. So I've set the camera to match this. I think that is the 10mp setting to get 4:3.

Next week we start our cruise ... we really can't wait. Warm weather, blue water, and palm trees.


Nova Scotia, Canada

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