What Hoya thinks of the USA and Europe

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What Hoya thinks of the USA and Europe

The below from the Hoya Share Holder meeting is what Hoya thinks of us in the USA and Europe. We will never see high value like before with their current plans. Lens such as the DA18-135mm (poor value) will not be so uncommon for Pentax. I say this because they have not made one new (non-macro) flash in over 5 years, have made no new AF system (only tweaked them) in years. The K-5 is keeping Pentax in good financial shape. In the very near future Pentax will not enjoy such a commanding lead in the semi-pro market that's IMO. When Pentax has no sensor lead they will have to have a body with the AF and flash abilities of others. Moreover they won't be able to capture as many ship jumpers and will have to rely on long term users.

I can't see or touch a K5, K-r, DA18-135mm. And with the DA18-135mm WR the only way to know if its good or bad is to buy one. If its as bad as Photozone shows should I keep it?

From Hoya Share Holders Meeting -

"There are some sales channels that allow us to expect growth in terms of quantity but do not contribute to earnings because cameras are sold at discounted prices. We have maintained our prices by avoiding these sales channels. So we restrict sales channels in areas including Europe and the United States, and we do not sell large volumes of cameras but are enjoying growth in income."


Other than the K-5 has Pentax grown any better overall as a dSLR company compared to last year? Lens, flashes, availability in stores (even if far from home)?

Pentax does not have the resource to innovate and is making a mistake by not trying to capture as many new users as possible for its future. Hoya only seems to care about this quarters and next quarters profit. That's fine but what about long term. Lens such as the DA18-135mm WR and cameras with QC problems will be the norm. Moreover put off prospective buyers of the Pentax system.

Rant because the DA18-135mm WR at its price should have been a decent lens and not show tremendous CA/PF and soft corners (not deep corners but into the frame softness). There is a reason for this.

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