I don't see a need to upgrade from A700...yet

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Re: Here...here Walt!

al1571 wrote:

I am not a video guy but, I don't knock those who want that option in a DSLR. I'd rather have a better optioned and performing still camera. I'd prefer to have any physical space in a camera body, devoid of video related mechanics, used for improved still performance. Maybe I am too much of a purist in this regard? If I were interested in video I'd buy a camcorder.

I'm with you on this one, but if the next [Sony camera I'm interested in] has improved stills functionality and video, I'll most likely find occasion to use the video.

In response to your opening post, I think it all depends on what you like to shoot. For me it's mostly landscapes with the occasional portrait. I'm slow on selling my 5DMkII and lenses, but for me the choice is clear: my A850 delivers better images. The higher resolution would seem to be negligible, but the Sony images definitely resolve more (I can see this clearly where there's a more distant background; the Canons also seem more susceptible to something that resembles veiling glare) - and for me that's important. Yep, there's lots that I'd love to see Sony add to their systems, one of which is more collaboration with accessory vendors, but when it comes to the bottom-line IQ my A850 outperforms my 5DMkII. This certainly isn't about anything but letting you know what one direct experience is --- now if your Canon plan would be to buy, say, a 1DMkIV and some great lenses, I'd say go for it. As for the Canon 7D I'd suggest visiting the forums; the camera - like all cameras out there - is a mixed bag, but if you'd be happy with the shortcomings it's probably a great way to go.

Re: technology. Canon hasn't yet shown any evolution out of "the mirror model," and there are many photographers who are glad of that. But it's not going to stop the movement. What we're seeing, I think, isn't all that different from the move in audio from analog to digital (with the OVF being analog, here). It took so many, many years for digital audio to become more pleasing, but I think that digital cameras (i.e. digital along the full pathway) will mature much more quickly - and that brings along things you just can't do with analog; right now it's pretty basic but I'm sure that future cameras will be such that you don't have to take your eye from the VF - and the VF will be great. Right now Sony and Panasonic are at the head of the pack; Sony seems to be moving in a better direction with sensor development (search the larger-format Canon forum, here, and you'll see discussions by several engineering types on how Canon has painted itself into a corner in sensor design and needs to break the mold) and Panasonic is certainly doing great work with the camera interface. So Sony's not slacking off on sensors, and they're working on technology that could ultimately lead to a much better photographic experience (and hopefully they'll take some tips from Panasonic and others). I personally don't have the resources to bounce back and forth any more, so for me it's Sony ... and more patience ... and enjoying the 850.

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